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550 Paracord Survival Bracelet
IntenseOutdoorGear.com's "Survival Fishing Bracelet" takes functionality to the next level with its integrated fishing kit.  While the inner strands of paracord can be used for fishing line in an emergency, nothing beats the real thing... and the addition of hooks and sinkers can be invaluable in an actual survival situation! As an added benefit, you can utilize the braided fishing line in situations where smaller cordage is needed without sacrificing your main length of 550 cord. All of this is accomplished while still maintaining the original look, feel, and functionality of the bracelet! Currently available in single or dual color combinations of Black and Olive Drab. 

  • 25 feet of braided fishing line
  • 2 split-shot weights
  • a fishing hook
  • nymph
  • a piece of foil for fashioning makeshift lures 

  • Over 7ft. Of Genuine 550 Paracord Cordage (64ft. with inner strands!)
  •  Contoured, Side-Release Buckle
  •  Cobra Weave Design
  •  Hand-Made To Order

* Please specify color and wrist size (circumference) when ordering.
** Multi-colored bracelets are not a single, continuous length of paracord due to their design.
With Integrated Fishing Kit!
Price: $12.95
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